Story Time: The Proposal

James and I have been together for nineteen months now. There have been highs and some serious lows. When things got really bad for him at home, he actually ended things between us for about a month before coming back to me. None of that really matters right now...


Story Time: Welcome to Austin

Stepping into the room, she sighed as she laid her bags up against the wall and looked around. It was only early afternoon, but already she was exhausted. She had been up since about 3:30 that morning and a full day of travel, on not enough sleep, had taken...


Story Time: Too Good To Be True

Even as I pulled into the hotel parking lot, I couldn’t believe that this was really happening. I’d known this man for years and he had never given me any clue that he was interested in me. Then, we started working together on a project and …wait, now that...