Story Time: Welcome to Austin

Stepping into the room, she sighed as she laid her bags up against the wall and looked around. It was only early afternoon, but already she was exhausted. She had been up since about 3:30 that morning and a full day of travel, on not enough sleep, had taken its toll. Hanging her coat up, she hesitated in the door to the bedroom, trying to make up her mind. Should she shower, try to work, or just slip beneath the inviting sheets and take a quick nap? There was plenty of time before he would be joining her. She could take a quick nap and be up and around before he arrived and he would never know. Smiling to herself, she considered for a moment the fact that she had more than once been accused of being an over achiever.  Glancing at the clock again, she picked up her suitcase and laid it on the edge of the bed. Quickly she pulled out what she would need for her shower before zipping it up and tucking it out of the way against the wall.

Now that her decision was made, her steps were lighter as she stepped into the bathroom and then into the shower. Efficiently she washed away the day’s travel grime and stood for a few extra minutes under the warmth of the shower, allowing it to work its magic on her tired body. Stepping back out, she toweled off and rubbed scented lotion into her warm, soft skin before tidying the bathroom. She didn’t want anything to be out of place when he arrived and it was just as easy to tidy now as it would be before he got there.

She smiled as she towel dried her hair and hung the damp cloth back over the bar. They had waited months for this opportunity and now that it was finally here, her body practically hummed with excitement. Stepping back into the other room…work or sleep? She quickly decided on a quick nap. After all, she could get a bit of work done once she woke up and was waiting for him. Plus, after a day of being bumped and jostled, cramped and crimped, she was ready to stretch out and let her tired muscles relax.

Stepping over to the bed, she stretched once before pulling the covers back and sliding between them. She sighed in pure feminine delight as the cool, soft sheets settled back against her body. Once tucked in, it was mere moments before her eyes drifted shut and she slid into a deep and restful slumber.

A few hours later, that’s just how he found her when he let himself into the room. There she was, tucked on her side, one hand resting under her cheek as she slept. He couldn’t help but smile as he looked down at her sleeping form. She had given up so much to be here with him and it was at times like these that her love for him filled him with awe.

Unable to resist the need to be closer to her for another moment, he quietly stripped out of his clothes and laid them over the back of the chair before carefully easing under the covers next to her. Without a word, he gathered her warm body close to his.  It made him smile to feel the way she naturally snuggled back into his arms, the way that they fit together. Their time together was precious. They had but stolen hours here and there and yet he couldn’t wake her, not just yet. He needed to hold her, to absorb this feeling so that when they were apart again, he could remember the feel of just holding her while she slept.

Soon though the need to touch her took over. It had been months since the few brief hours they had shared and in that time, his need for her had only grown stronger. Tenderly, he brushed his lips over her bare shoulder while his hand slid down to her hip. She stirred and he paused. A wicked smile played over his face as he considered how to wake his sleeping beauty.

Without a sound, he let his hands start a journey of discovery, relearning her body and the soft sounds that she made as she pressed back against him. She was in that misty place between sleep and waking, her mind thinking it a dream but her body recognizing the reality.

He couldn’t prevent his own soft groan of pleasure as he felt her warm, soft body pressing back against his, their bodies molded together as he continued to run his hands over her. There was something about this woman, something he couldn’t always explain but whatever it was, she drew him. She was unexpected.  She was a piece that shouldn’t have fit within his life and yet here she was.  Somehow, she was just right.

Bending his head, he brushed his lips over the back of her neck, inhaling her scent. He wanted to memorize this moment, to lock it away but already she was stirring in his arms. There was something amazingly sweet about the smile that lit up her face as she turned in his arms. Even now, after years, it never ceased to amaze him how happy she was to be a part of his world.

And happy she was. In that moment, waking in his arms, she was the happiest she’d been in months. Life had taken them in seemingly opposite directions and yet somehow they still always found each other. She’d learned long ago not to question it, but to accept it as a gift from a universe that wasn’t always kind.

Closing her eyes again, she pressed against him, feeling every inch of him pressed against her, inhaling his scent and for the first time in ages, feeling as if she were home. Here, in his arms, nothing could harm her. Thankful for this moment, she tenderly brushed her lips over his heart, letting him know that she loved him in her own way.

He brushed a soft kiss to the top of her head as his arms pulled her even closer. He loved this woman and he wished more than anything that he could protect her from the outside world. He felt more than heard her sigh as she rubbed her cheek against his chest. With gentle hands he traced the outline of her body as her lips began an exploration of his chest.

Their bodies were as familiar to each other as their own. Hands glided over warm skin, lips brushed against each other. It was slow and it was sweet. His eyes met hers as her legs parted and he buried himself deep inside.  Soft moans and sighs soon filled the air as he slowly rocked inside of her. After months apart, there was no rush, only a need to feel each other.

Whether they stayed like this for minutes or hours neither of them could have told you but both knew when that moment shifted into something more. He slowly withdrew from her and then with one hard thrust buried himself inside of her again. He repeated this over and over until she was gasping and moaning beneath him, her fingers clinging to his arms as her legs came up and wrapped tight around him.

Now they were rocking together, each thrust driving them closer and closer to the edge, each one pushing each other. The air was filled with their moans and feverishly whispered words to one another. Still, they kept going, their pace never slowing until he leaned back to look down into her eyes. Even then, it was just a change in position, not in the hard rhythm they had set between them. She knew that look. She knew what he wanted to hear and so she gave it to him. She gave it to both of them. With a voice ragged with desire, she whispered just two words… “Own me.”

With that, all control was lost as he began slamming his cock deep inside of her. Their movements and sounds were primal, urged on only by the need to find fulfillment together. His eyes never left hers and as he slammed into her one last time, shattering their worlds, only one word was heard. “Mine.” Their bodies arched up into one another, clinging as they shuddered and slowly settled back on the bed together.

Gathering her back into his arms, he brushed a tender kiss against her temple and kept her close as they both drifted off to sleep. Their time was short, but they would steal this hour for themselves, to just be together, to breathe together and to sleep together.

When they woke, they stayed curled next to each other, him on his back and her on her side so that she could see his face. As they talked, she would lean over and place a tender kiss along his chest or his side. They were no more than little nibbles, a sign of her connection with him, the need to touch him, not meant to do more than create a memory, but they did something to him.

After just a few minutes of them talking and her doing this, he growled low in his throat and rolled her over onto her back. It was a move of pure aggression and her small startled gasp turned to a moan of pure pleasure as he buried himself deep inside of her with a single thrust. There was nothing soft or gentle as he fucked her, using her for his pleasure. In mere moments he had taken them from relaxed to soaring. This was another side of them, a side neither of them had the luxury of enjoying except on the rare occasion.

This was aggressive, hands moving hard over each other, nails digging in, teeth scraping against skin as he repeatedly fucked her, his cock slamming in and out of her. There were no words this time, just the guttural sounds of two people mating.

The sounds escaping her lips could only be described as keening as he pounded into her. She could no more hold back the orgasm that rocked her body than she could change the fact that soon he would be leaving her again. With one final thrust, he emptied himself into her again, reveling in the fact that it was him who had marked her.

Leaning down, he kissed her, the kiss holding the lingering taste of his hunger for her. Settling back against the pillows, he pulled her in close, holding her tight as their hearts settled back into their normal rhythms. They both knew what neither of them wanted to acknowledge. It was time for him to leave. With another tender kiss, he slid from the bed and went in to take a shower. He never invited her to join him. This was his time, a chance to prepare himself for what would be coming next.

As he stepped back into the room, his eyes were drawn to her. She’d taken the time to put some clothes on and it made him sigh to himself to see that she had done it. He knew that this was her way of preparing herself, to put a bit of emotional armor back into place, but he hated knowing that his leaving hurt her. He wished that there was another way, any other way, but there just wasn’t. This was who they were and so he took her hand in his as he walked to the door, keeping her close as long as he possibly could.

With one final kiss, he opened the door, stepped through it and walked out into the night. He never looked back and so he never knew that she stood in the window of the hotel staring after him, tears running down her cheeks as she watched until he was in his car and the car had pulled out of sight.

Wiping her eyes, she walked back to the bed, pulled out her laptop and went to work, knowing that despite the pain of parting, she would do this again and again. Theirs was a love that life couldn’t kill, but it would never be easy for them.


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