Story Time: Too Good To Be True

Even as I pulled into the hotel parking lot, I couldn’t believe that this was really happening. I’d known this man for years and he had never given me any clue that he was interested in me. Then, we started working together on a project and …wait, now that I think about it, he initiated that project…well, no matter, suddenly or at least suddenly to me, he was more than this guy I knew. For years, we had barely spoken other than a casual comment or things of that nature. Then one day, he flirted and I flirted back and in what seemed like the blink of an eye, we were sending each other emails and texts all day long and they certainly had nothing to do with the project. Thank goodness we both work for ourselves because there were days where other than daydreaming, I didn’t get a single thing done.

I couldn’t seem to help it. I’d noticed him years ago and had felt drawn to him, but I didn’t think I would ever have a chance with him. Let’s face it, I hadn’t had much luck in that area and to think that a gorgeous, sexy, smart man like him might be interested? It never even crossed my mind. So when he made it clear that he was, I fell..hook, line, and sinker.

What surprised me was how fast he wanted to take things to another level. He wasn’t content with us simply sharing emails, photos, and texts. He wanted to meet in person and he wasn’t shy about telling me what he wanted to do once we did. I thought he meant down the road, in a few months, at a work event, but I was wrong. Once he realized that we were within driving distance and that if we both drove, meeting in the middle, we could be together by lunchtime one day, he wanted to make it happen within weeks, not within months. I’ll admit that I was torn… on one hand, this man was incredible and all I wanted to do was spend time with him doing all of the naughty things we had talked about and getting to know him better. On the other hand, I wondered if I knew him well enough to drive five hours and to dive into bed with him. Up until the moment I pulled into that parking lot and saw him standing there, I honestly wasn’t sure if I would go or not. Over the entire drive, I had gone back and forth… Did I know him well enough? Would someone end up hurt? Could this possibly be as amazing as everything leading it up it had been? There was only one way to find out and so I kept driving.

Now, here it is a few days after and I’m still trying to wake up from what had to have been the most incredible dream. There’s just no way that it could have been real. From the moment I stepped out of the car to the moment we had to part, every second was heaven. He was real, this was real, and even now, I can’t help but relive every moment…

When I pulled into the parking lot, he was just coming out of the hotel lobby. He hadn’t seen me yet so I sat there in my car for a moment, just watching him and wondering what this man could possibly see in me. He looked so good that a part of me nearly chickened and out and left before things had even begun. I couldn’t though. I’d come this far and I had to know if whatever we had found was real or just two people with very good imaginations who had come together.

As I stepped out of the car, he looked up and saw me. Even across the parking lot, our eyes met and I couldn’t look away as he approached. The moment he got within reach, he took me into his arms and kissed me. It may have been moments or hours before we pulled apart and without a word, he picked my bag up with one hand and took my hand with his other, leading me to our room.

The door had barely closed behind us before he had me up against it, his mouth ravaging mine as his hands found other ways to assault my senses. With one hand, he pulled my skirt up and I felt his groan against my lips as he discovered the black lace beneath. With his other hand, he tugged up my shirt so that he could tease and torture my nipples through the emerald green bra that covered them.

It was right then that I stopped thinking. My mind completely shut down and it was all I could do to hold onto him so that I didn’t slip down to the floor.  His mouth broke away from mine, but only to move its assault to my neck. I couldn’t stop the whimpers and moans escaping my lips or my hands from tugging his shirt up, eager to feel his bare skin against my own. Weeks of teasing each other had driven us both to a level of hunger that there was no backing away from.

Before I could suggest that we move to the bed, his fingers had found their way under my panties and without warning, he slid them up inside of me, effectively pinning me to the door. I could feel his breath against my neck and hear his voice urging me closer and closer to orgasm.  Part of me wanted to hold off, to have that first orgasm while wrapped around him, but he wasn’t going to wait. His fingers were driving me closer and closer. Soon the only sounds in the room were my moans. Just as I reached the point where I was begging him to take me, he sunk his teeth into the side of my neck, sending me over the edge with a keening moan.

It was only because the bed was mere steps away that I didn’t sink to the floor right next to the door. Somehow I managed to get out of my shoes as I sank onto the mattress, my head falling back against the pillow. Looking up at him, I couldn’t help but release a soft sigh. This man, this sexy, sexy man, had come all this way to be with me and soon he would be buried deep inside me. For those few moments, the moments before he stripped out of his clothes and I lost all reasonable thought, I laid there thinking what a lucky, lucky girl I was.

As he removed each article of clothing, his eyes never left mine. I was trapped within his gaze and on some level, I recognized the predator there. The pace of my heart increased until I was sure that it could be heard within the room. He dropped down onto edge of the bed and ran a single finger down between my breasts. Even through the fabric, his touch scorched me and I whimpered. Just like that, the room was too warm but I didn’t move. I couldn’t move. He was fully in charge and I would do anything to please him, even lie there fully clothed when I desperately wanted to tear my own clothes off.

Looking down into my eyes, he ran his finger further down my body, teasingly catching it in the top to my skirt before moving it down to my abdomen. As he grazed lower, my hips raised of their own accord and he chuckled. I couldn’t have hidden my need and desire from him for anything. In that moment, he knew just what I wanted and we both knew that he was going to take his time giving it to me.

All I could do was whimper as he slid his hand back up and under my shirt. As it moved up, I sighed in relief as the cooler air hit my skin. My sighs quickly turned to moans as his fingers found my nipple and tweaked it. Even after this short time, he knew just what drove me insane and he wasn’t going to miss a single reaction while he had me at his mercy. My own hands moved of their own accord, sliding over the bare skin of his back as he finished removing just my shirt. Just being able to touch him seemed like a fantasy come true.

As my shirt hit the floor, his mouth found my throat and his hand slid up under my skirt to caress my inner thigh. His fingers were so close to where I wanted them, but he wasn’t ready to give in to my whimpers and soft moans. Instead, his mouth worked its way down over the top of my breasts, nipping the bared skin before bathing them with his tongue. My own hands were exploring over his shoulders and down his back, trying desperately to memorize the feel of his muscles beneath my fingers.

By the time his hands tugged my skirt down over my hips so that I could kick it off, I wanted him more than the air that we were breathing. It seemed like ages, but was only minutes before I was laid out before him in nothing more than black lace and green satin. He’d seen photos of me wearing nothing more than this yet I felt more than heard the groan that rippled through him as he again buried his face against my skin. As each moment passed, we both grew more feverish in our movements, in the sounds escaping our parted lips.

With each whisper of his hands against my skin, a hunger grew within me and as he parted my legs to tease along the lace edges of my panties, I thought I might explode from desire. Still somehow, he kept his control. Mine had vanished the first moment he kissed me and it was only his willpower that kept me from reaching down with my own hands. As it was, I was squirming and whimpering, nearly begging him to give me what I so desperately needed.

My body ached and having his now pressed up against it, teasing me, was almost too much for me to bear. He had turned me so that his body was wrapped around mine, one hand slid between my legs. I could no longer touch him, just be held captive to his desires. His fingers danced across the crotch of my panties, already damp from my earlier orgasm and my growing need for him. I could feel his breath against the back of my neck as I pressed back against him. His own growing need was becoming evident in the way that his touches were now more aggressive, more demanding. He was done teasing.

With a quick tug, he moved my panties to the side and slid one finger in to tease over my clit. He growled into my ear that he was going to make me cum but that if I did before he said, we would be done. It was all I could do to nod my agreement. My body was quivering against his and with each stroke of his finger, I would shudder. He knew I was close and yet he kept pushing me closer, testing both of us. My whimpers changed to moans and then to gasps as he plunged his fingers inside of me. My entire body arched against his, begging for release.

As I settled back against him, he set a rhythm that he knew would have me writhing against him and within moments, I was, his cock twitching against my back in response. Soon I was begging with him, pleading, whimpering when he told me no. I was beyond need, beyond rational thought. He was all I knew and his control over me all I wanted. He was the predator and I his prey. He had me.

Just at that moment when I thought he would never allow me to cum, I heard the sweetest words I think I’ve heard in my entire life. “Cum for me my pussy Kat, mark my fingers like I’m going to mark you.” I exploded. There’s no other word for it. My entire body shook against his, lights danced before my eyes, and I was left a whimpering mess in his arms.

As he shifted behind me, allowing me to roll onto my back and for him to slide between my legs, it was all I could do to blink up at him. He chuckled and ran his fingers over my lips. Without thought, I opened my mouth to them, sucking and licking them clean. This time I heard his groan as he reached down and tugged off my panties, tossing them to the floor to join my other clothes. He was rough as he grabbed my hips, pulling me closer.

There was no gentleness as he slid his cock deep inside me. Neither of us wanted there to be. We knew this first time would be primal and we both welcomed it, eager to feel what we’d only imagined. At that first thrust, we both knew that our fantasies could never have met the glorious reality of him buried deep inside me, filling me completely. As he continued to move, my legs came up to wrap around his hips. It seemed impossible, but I wanted every inch of his glorious cock inside of me. I wanted to feel all of him.

Our moans filled the air, our bodies soon wrapping around each other as he filled me over and over again. We were both racing towards a precipice, eager to find that place together. My hands feverishly touched anywhere they could reach. We were caught up in a mating dance older than time itself with no desire to stop it. Words were falling from our lips in a mindless chant, both of us caught up in the other and when that moment came, I swear that the world stopped turning as he buried himself deep inside me and marked me as his. Then, as the world found its rhythm and he pulled me down into his arms, I heard him whisper, “Now you’re mine and you always will be. No matter who you’re with, you will always belong in part to me.”

And I have…forever since then.


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