Story Time: After Hours

Reaching over, she pressed the keys that would start the shutdown process on her computer. It had been a busy day at the office and she was more than ready to shut everything down and go home. She had made very simple plans for the evening. She was going to go home, put on her pajamas, warm up some of the leftover pasta she had made the night before, curl up on the couch and watch a movie. Yep, she had big plans alright and she was more than ready to get to them.
Standing up, she stretched and headed for the closet where she’d hung her jacket this morning. That’s when she noticed that his office light was still on. She grumbled to herself as she opened the door and let herself into his office. He always seemed to be forgetting to turn something off and expected her to handle it for him. She was just reaching for the light switch when her eyes landed on his desk. Merciful heavens, it was a mess. How that man was going to find anything the next morning was beyond her.
Quickly, she walked over to the desk, the sound of her heels muffled in the thick carpet. Shaking her head, she efficiently tidied his desk. She had no idea that her skirt was riding up the backs of her thighs as she bent over to fetch that last pencil which had somehow wedged itself back where the desk met the wall. She had no idea that as she was straightening and organizing, he had come in behind her and stood there silently watching.
She had no idea until she felt his hands rest on her hips. Gasping, she turned in his arms, sighing with relief when she saw who it was. They had worked together long enough that she knew she had nothing to fear when it came to him. That was, until she looked up into his eyes and saw that for the first time ever, they weren’t smiling down at her. They were serious, as serious as the strong hands gripping her hips. He still hadn’t let go. He held her trapped between him and the edge of the desk.
She squirmed a bit, unsure of what she should do. She’d been attracted to him for months but never in that time had he shown any interest in her. He had always been entirely professional, much to her frequent chagrin and annoyance. This could be her chance, but was she brave enough to do what she’d wanted to do for ages? If she tried and it worked, it could be amazing. If she tried and he rejected her, she’d be looking for a new job in the morning instead of coming back to one that she loved.
She looked up at him again, noticing how his eyes seemed to be devouring her. Still unsure she broke eye contact, leaning back against the desk, unaware that her breathing had grown ragged or that the way she stood had caused her shirt to pull tight across her chest. He noticed though. He was like a dog trained for hunting. He could practically smell her excitement and it in turn excited him. He had been watching her for months, hoping that the right opportunity would come along and it seemed it had.
Gently, so as to not startle her, he lowered his head and brushed his lips against hers. Neither one of them were prepared for the jolt that they both felt. Startled, they  pulled away from each other. Her eyes were large as they looked up into his and of its own accord, her hand came up to rest against the white of his shirt. She could feel his heart beating against her fingers. She smiled shyly up at him, her hand sliding from his chest up to his shoulder as she raised herself up on her toes to press her lips against his again.
When they both came up for air, they were both breathing heavily. In one smooth movement, he again placed his hands on her hips but this time, he lifted her up so that she was sitting on the edge of his desk.  Her skirt rode up but after that kiss, she no longer cared. Somehow she just knew that this wasn’t going to stop with a few kisses.
Drawing her close to him, he hungrily kissed her again. His hands slid up and released her long hair from the clip that she had used to keep it out of her face as she worked.  The soft strands fell down into long spiraling curls that wrapped around his fingers as he buried them again in her hair.  He broke the kiss, but only long enough to work his way to the softness of her throat.  Once there, his lips nibbled as his tongue teased against her pulse points. Soon, she was panting, her hands clutching the edge of the desk.
Stepping back, he looked down at her. She was so beautiful, her long hair cascading down her back. He knew that they were both at a point where he could have her right there on the desk, but he wanted more. He wanted her upstairs in his bed. Reaching out, he took her hand into his and led her out of the office to the private elevator that he used to access his apartment.
The doors slid closed behind them with a gentle whoosh. The second they closed, he pressed her close to the elevator wall and took her in his arms. His mouth hungrily devoured hers or it would have if she hadn’t been kissing him back just as eagerly. His hands moved down, tugging her blouse from the skirt that she wore. Too soon the doors opened and with a low curse, he led her into his private domain.
By now, they were both tugging at the other’s clothes and then at their own. Their progress down the hall was marked by a trail of clothing, both his and hers. He considered taking her to his bedroom but realized that it was too far away. They would just never make it. Instead, he led her into the office that he kept up here in the apartment. Once again, he lifted her up onto the edge of a desk, his mouth feasting on hers. 
Stepping back only long enough to rid himself of his dress slacks, he looked at her. She was leaned back over the desk, her chest rising and falling as she struggled to regain some control of her body. She was dressed only in a lacy black bra, matching panties and garters that led to smooth silk stockings that encased her legs. It took all he had in him not to step back over and ravage her beautiful body, but he resisted. Instead, he stepped in front of her and ran his hand up one stocking clad leg and then the other. He felt her shudder as the soft fabric carried the heat of his hand to her bare skin underneath.
She started to rise, but with his free hand, he pressed her back against the desk. He wanted to see her creamy skin against the dark polish of the wood. He wanted to see her  here like this like he had dreamed about for so many nights.  He ran his hand down over her bare skin, smiling as he felt the answering tremble deep inside of her. She had thought about this too. Somehow he knew that she had. Sliding his hand down, he brushed it over her panties. They were black, just like her bra and he loved how they stood out against her skin. She might dress demurely during the day but now that he knew what she wore under those clothes, he would never be able to look at her simple blouses the same way again. He would always remember what was beneath them.
Bending over, he pressed his lips to the space between her breasts before dragging his tongue down. He worshipped her bare skin with his mouth, one hand reaching up to take her wrists in his hand.  Standing again, he pressed a soft kiss to the inside of each wrist, her shudder being mimicked in his body as he felt the way that her pulse raced against his lips.
He knew that they had moved fast, but looking down at her trembling body, he knew that they were both at a crossroads. They could continue this or they could both walk away. Once this was done, there would be no turning back. He slowly released her and stood silently, his hands caressing the tops of her thighs until his silence caused her to look up at him.  He didn’t have to ask. Without a word, she wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him in tight against her. She reached down and picked up one of his hands, bringing it to her soft lips and almost tenderly, she pressed a kiss to each of his fingertips before laying back once again on the desk.
Smiling down, he reached forward to trail just his fingertips down her neck before caressing down over her shoulders. Slowly, lingeringly, they brushed down her arm until he reached her soft hand. This he brought to his own mouth, nibbling and sucking gently on each finger before slowly releasing it and repeating the process down over her other arm and hand. He watched as her breath quickened. Her eyes were locked onto his. Together they were weaving a slow spell of seduction, a change from the desperate speed of just moments before.
Leaning forward again, he pressed a series of soft kisses along her shoulders, only pausing to slowly push the straps of her bra down over her arms, not removing it, but merely revealing the soft skin that the straps had hidden from his mouth. His mouth was firm and yet so soft and warm against her bare skin. As he worked his way over her shoulder and to the top of her chest, she sighed in delight. Her hands came up to caress over the tops of his shoulders. His body was so unlike hers. Where hers was soft, his was hard. Yet, his skin was silky smooth and she delighted in touching him while his lips worked across the top of her chest, slowly pressing her bra further down.
Slowly, her upper body was fully revealed to him and he groaned as his lips finally found one nipple and then the other. He could feel her pulse start to race again but he continued his slow progress over her body. As badly as he had wanted her before, now he wanted to just make this last. His hands and mouth worked their way down her body, tasting and nibbling and pressing lingering kisses. It may have been minutes or it may have been hours, time was lost to them as they explored each other. As he reached the top of her legs, he stood again and she raised herself up so that she could run her hands down the smoothness of his chest. 
Gathering her close, he kissed her with all of the built up hunger that they had grown between them.
Though their lips and tongues were caught up in each other, he felt the sweet moan leave her mouth and enter his. Wrapping his arms around her, he lifted her from the desk and carried her to the long leather sofa that took up one wall of the office. The leather felt cool against her heated skin and she shivered despite being on fire inside.
He knelt between her legs and pressed a soft kiss, first to her belly and then down to her inner thigh. He could smell her desire and it made him groan out loud. Taking the top of her lacy panties, he guided them down her legs to fall on the floor beside them.  Once again, he slid his hands up her stocking covered legs, groaning at their smoothness as he raised himself up again. His eyes met hers as he slid between her legs. Without a word, she wrapped her legs around his hips, guiding him closer.  They both groaned as his hard cock slowly pressed between the lips of her sex. Suddenly neither of them had any patience for the games that they had been playing. Their bodies were hungry for each other and with a low growl, he plunged deep inside her.
His hands came down to brace on either side of her head and her soft hands wrapped around his wrists, providing them both support as their bodies moved in frantic desire. This was no longer sweet, no longer tender. It was animalistic. It was primal. It was two beings desperate in the urge to mate. His cock plunged in and out at a frantic pace, her legs wrapped tight around him urging him harder and deeper inside. Together they raced to that mythical edge where the entire world stops and when the explosion came, silence suddenly reigned within the room quickly to be replaced by the ragged breathing of two people who had just seen the sun, the stars and the universe in all their glory.
Slowly she opened eyes that she hadn’t been aware had been closed. Lifting a trembling hand, she brushed a curl of his dark hair back off his forehead. Capturing her wrist in his hand, he brought it again to his lips, this time to press a tender kiss to the soft inner skin before wrapping her in his arms and snuggling down on the couch with her. Neither quite knew what would happen tomorrow, but for tonight, there was more work to do….

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