Story Time: Rain Part 3

He let her drift, knowing that soon her body would have to adjust back to being in its own time zone. He hated to see her leave. In the short time that she had been there, he had gotten used to having her nearby. He sighed softly and pulled her closer to him, the frown on his face shifting to a grin as she grumbled softly about being moved just when she’d gotten comfy. If he didn’t want her to rest, he’d have swatted her ass but instead, he wrapped himself around her and pressed a soft kiss to the back of her head.

He hadn’t meant to drift off himself, but he had. The soft sound of rain hitting the roof of the tent woke him. He had hoped this might happen. Quite often it did this time of year. He wanted to share this first with her.  She was still asleep and he knew that if he woke her abruptly, she would be cranky so he decided to ease her back into consciousness in a way they would both enjoy.

Easing out from behind her, he gently rolled her on her back. With just his fingertips, he gently caressed first her cheek, then her neck and then down over her chest. She sighed in her sleep and turned towards him instinctively. Even in her dreams, he was the one she turned to.

Leaning over, he brushed his lips across her bare shoulder. Her skin was soft beneath his lips and he lingered there, inhaling her scent before working his way down her arm. With his hand, her tenderly stroked her back, slowly waking her body from its slumber. She murmured softly, trying to snuggle in closer to him. It made him smile as he ran the palm of his hand down her back until it came to rest on the very spot he had considered swatting earlier. He still didn’t swat it, but instead rubbed it with his hand, using the gentle pressure to press her hips up against him.

With his mouth, he nibbled and kissed his way along her jaw line until he found her lips, warm and soft and ready for him. She wasn’t quite awake yet but already her body was responding to his touch.  As she shifted from dreams to reality, his hands again pulled her close to him. He knew the moment she awoke, her body pressed against his. Her body came alive. Her hands caressed over him and her mouth went from sleepy soft to sexy and needy. Just that fast, she was ready for him. Her responsiveness was something he would never complain over.

Chuckling, he took her sweet face in his hands and kissed her tenderly.
“No, my pet. Not here. Come with me.”

He stood and led her out of the tent. She gasped as the cool rain first struck her warm skin. Then, with eyes filled with wonder, she looked up at him. He bent his head, kissing her, his hands gliding over her now rain dampened skin.  He pulled her close to him, teasing her with his arousal before releasing her and leading her again to the table. Once there, he instructed her to sit on the top with her feet resting on the bench.

Eager to please him, she climbed onto the table and turned again to face him. She moaned as he came to stand before her, lowering his head to taste the rain as it ran down her chest. When he kissed her again, she poured all of her desire and needs into that one kiss. Her hands glided over his rain slicked chest and down to his hips. As they pulled apart again, their ragged breathing gave testament to their need.

Looking in his eyes, she slid one soft hand down to wrap around him. Once again, his eyes locked onto hers and in hers he read her need to please him, to make this moment last for as long as they had. He kissed her again before having her change places with him. As soon as he was settled, he wrapped his hand in her long hair and guided her to kneel on the bench in front of him.

She smiled up at him, a sweet smile that lit up her face before she pressed a soft kiss to his chest. Her lips lingered just over his heart for a moment, a symbolic gesture that wasn’t lost on him. He ran his free hand over her cheek and she pressed against it for a moment before shifting so that she could lower her head.

Her cheek rubbed up against his thigh and he spread his legs for her.  She watched him as she reached out and ran her fingers along his length. She felt the quick intake of breath and the subtle shudder that ran through his body. Pressing one last kiss to his thigh, she tilted her head to trace her tongue along where her fingers had just been. She ran her tongue along, purring as the taste of the rain blended with his unique flavor. While she loved teasing him like this, soon it wasn’t enough for either of them. He pulled her head back, using the hand he had wrapped in her hair. He didn’t speak, just looked at her.
When she lowered her head again, she wrapped her soft lips around him, slowly lowering her mouth until her lips brushed against her hand where it held him at the base. Moaning softly, the rain leaving its slick paths down their bodies, she made love to him in the most intimate way she knew how. This wasn’t something she had given to many and she gave it to him with everything she had. Her soft mouth moved against his hard cock. Her tongue danced against the underside just like his had danced against her clit hours before. His moans, rising above the sound of the rain, were music to her ears. She wanted to give him more. She wanted to give him everything.

When he could take no more, he pulled her to her feet. He kissed her hungrily, pulling her body hard up against his. He moved from the table, only long enough to have her stretch out on it. He used his hands and his mouth to bring her to the same desperate edge that he was balanced upon. Then, when neither of them could stand another minute of torment, he entered her. No, he didn’t just enter her. He plunged deep inside of her. Their moans were lost on the wind, but their eyes were locked on each other. Desperation drove them both. This wasn’t love making. This was primal. This was two people, desperate to find release in the other, desperate for one another.

Her fingers clutched at him, her legs wrapped around his hips. With his mouth he alternated between whispering desperate words of longing and kissing her with all the passion they had shared. They were frantic and when the moment came, their worlds shattered. He held her close, pouring more than just his seed into her. He poured his devotion into her and held her as her silent tears melded with the rain. 

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