Story Time: Rain Part 2

He had released her from the bonds that held her to the table and then pulled her close to him.  She smelled like sex and sunshine all rolled into one and he knew that it would always be a scent that reminded him of her. He had planned this day not just for her, but for them. It would be a series of firsts and somehow he doubted he would ever want to share anything like this with anyone else. She was special. In some ways, he considered her his muse. She gave him ideas and made him even more creative than he already was.
His lips when they touched hers were firm. She whimpered softly, her body melting against his. He knew her muscles would be a bit stiff after her time on the table, so he led her into the tent and had her lay down on the soft cushions of the sleeping bags. He slid her hair up over her shoulder, bending down to press a soft kiss at the base of her neck. He smiled as he felt as well as heard her soft sigh.  He loved how this woman could be such an enigma at times. She longed for his tender touch as much as she longed for his rough dominance. She loved to feel cherished and at the same time reminded that she belonged to him.
He urged her to close her eyes and relax as he ran his hand over her soft skin. His goal now wasn’t to arouse, but to sooth. She had done well, his pet and he was proud of her. With him she had done so many things that she never thought she could, including what had just happened outside. He wanted to reward her and so he tenderly began to massage out the kinks that being bound on a hard table will add to a body. Her skin was warm from the sun and soft under his hands and he could feel her relaxing beneath his touch. He began at her shoulders and slowly worked his way down. His hands were strong but gentle and she sighed again, her eyes drifting shut. He worked his way down, even massaging her feet before working his way back up to the backs of her thighs. He chuckled when she sleepily grumbled at his request that she roll over. He knew how she hated to be woken up and she had just started drifting off to sleep.
She did as he asked though, slowly turning over and looking up at him.  Again, his hands came to rest on her shoulders as he leaned over to kiss her. They didn’t remain there, though. They slowly slid their way down, massaging her breasts. His intent now was on arousal as he molded and massaged them with his hands. Her breathing shifted and hitched as he teased first one nipple and then the other. His head came down as he sucked one into his warm mouth, tugging and sucking on it. Her hands, of their own accord, came to rest on his shoulders, her fingers flexing into the skin there.  He teased and tormented her, one hand sliding down to rest on her hip.
She whimpered and the sound rippled in the stillness of the tent. It hung in the air for a moment before dropping away. His hand slid from her hip to part her thighs. He felt the tremble that ran through her body as it was pinned beneath him.  Her body was so responsive and he could feel her excitement as he slid his hand between her now parted thighs.  He teased a finger along the smooth skin there. He knew that by being waxed, it made her so much more sensitive so he took his time, brushing his finger against the warm skin. She moaned, her hips trying to raise to meet the touch of his finger.
Slowly, he released her nipple from his mouth, his mouth now moving up by her ear. He felt the ripple that ran though her as he whispered, “Yes, pet? What is it that you want?”  She whimpered again, her hips arching up against the hand he now rested over top of her slit. He knew what she wanted but waited. He waited until she softly whispered, “Please..please touch me. I need you.” With that, his finger parted her lips to find her wet and ready for him. He teased her clit, watching her body writhe against his. He slid one finger inside her only to bring it out and to his lips. She moaned, watching as he slid his finger past his lips to suck it clean. 
A trembling sigh escaped her lips as he leaned over again, whispering just how good she tasted.  He loved to torment her like this. He knew that certain things, told to her would drive her crazy and he took full advantage of that, whispering to her the things he wanted to do to her. Before long, she was trembling against him and he chuckled softly as he moved down her body. He paused again to run his tongue over her nipples. He paused at her soft belly, pressing his lips there.  This was an area that she was shy about so he took his time, kissing and stroking her there;  reminding her that he found her body beautiful, all of her body.
Then, he slid down further until he was kneeling between her legs. He rested a hand on each hip before running them down her legs. He knew that she had taken extra care for him. It was just one of those things that she did without him having to ask.  Every morning she would smooth lotion into her skin, to keep it soft and supple. Lowering his head, he caught the soft aroma of it on her thighs as he placed a nibbling kiss to the insides of each one.
She squirmed beneath him, feeling his beard tickle the insides of her legs. Shaking his head, he slid his hands down and under her, raising her hips and at the same time, holding her in place. She never could hold still unless he bound her that way. He dropped a soft kiss to her slit, groaning softly as he realized just how ready she was for him. He could smell her scent on the air as he dragged his tongue over her smooth skin before dipping it inside. She trembled and he tightened his grip to remind her that he expected her to attempt to stay still. She stilled and he teased his tongue up against her clit as a reward. He could feel her body tremble in her attempts not to buck up against his mouth.
God, she tasted good. He could never get enough of doing this to her. It was more than just her taste, it was watching her body as someone took the time to please her. It was watching her face as her arousal grew and as she broke apart into a million tiny pieces. It was hearing her lose control. It was all of those things and more. He knew she didn’t understand his desire to do this for her but knowing that he wanted it was more than enough for her.
He spent a few minutes teasing her clit. His tongue danced against it and he drew it into his lips, sucking and tugging on it lightly. He watched as her hands clutched at the sleeping bags, trying to keep herself grounded.  He brought her just to the edge and then drew back. He gave her but a moment to start to relax before dipping his tongue in deeper, tasting her.  With his hands, he held her close. He could feel the little twitches as he ran his tongue again up to her clit. Her head was thrown back, her long hair tangling beneath her shoulders as she lost the last vestiges of control.  He softly stroked her hip, letting her know it was ok. Her hips immediately moved against him, pressing up against his questing mouth. Her moans filled the tent and within moments, he heard her breath hitching and doubled his efforts.
When the moment came, he held her close, pushing her over the edge and lapping up the rewards of his efforts. As her body slowly relaxed beneath his, he kissed his way back up her body to pull her into his arms.  He held her close, pressing soft kisses to the back of her head. He felt and heard the long contented sigh that escaped her lips. Nuzzling the back of her neck, he softly whispered, asking her how she was feeling just so he could hear her soft , “mmm..I’m good…” She had been teased to be a woman of many voices, but this one was his personal favorite. She was all soft and melty and he snuggled her close, already thinking about what else he had in store for her.

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