Story Time: Rain Part 1

Honestly, she thought she must be out of her mind. Work was piling up at home and yet somehow she’d allowed herself to be convinced to come brave ridiculous temperatures in Arizona. In August. Oh who was she kidding? She wanted this trip as much as he did. She was more than happy to leave behind the piles of review materials that had stacked up over the summer to come spend time with him. This was more than just their night together. They would have an entire 5 days and for that, she would brave the heat. Besides, she’d been promised a night outdoors and that was more than enough to tempt her into putting herself in his hands again.
Once she was back in his arms, the week flew by. One minute it was Monday and the next it was Friday and time for the promised outdoor excursion. She honestly had no idea what he had in mind, just that for the next 24 hours, she would be completely at his mercy and under his guidance. He disappeared for a few hours in the morning and she took that time to finish packing up her things. When they returned, she would only have one last night with him before she would have to fly back home and she didn’t want to waste a single minute with him doing mundane and sad things like packing bags. 
When he returned, he wouldn’t give her a clue as to where they were going. He just told her to trust him as he drove them further and further away from civilization. She was excited though more than a little nervous. He was a creative man and she couldn’t begin to fathom what he had in store for them. She didn’t bother to try to hide her surprise when they pulled up at what was clearly a campsite in the middle of nowhere. When he had said outdoors, she hadn’t imagined that he had planned to actually spend all night outside. How he had managed to find a location in Arizona that actually had trees was also surprising to her. So far everything that she had seen was other sand (aka dirt) or covered with prickly things that she didn’t especially want to get anywhere near. They were lovely but being stuck with pointy prickly things was not on her fetish enjoyment list.
Somehow though, he had found an oasis and had brought her to it. He let her explore and wander for a few minutes. He loved her childlike joy in the simple things. He had known of this place and earlier had come out to set it up so that it would be ready for them. No one would bother them here. Few knew this place existed and those that did wouldn’t be venturing out this way anytime soon. This was their private paradise for the next 24 hours and he was going to make sure that when they left, they would both carry memories that would last them a lifetime. 
After she had been allowed to explore everything, he instructed her to take her bag into the tent. It was just a small bag, holding no more than a couple of changes of clothes. She had a feeling that there wouldn’t be much use for them but he had requested one or two outfits and so, there was the bag. Entering the tent, she couldn’t help the kind of silly grin that crossed her face as she saw the laid out sleeping bags and next to them, the neatly coiled piles of rope. It seemed he had something planned and she couldn’t wait to get started. 
When she left the tent, she was surprised to see that he didn’t seem to be anywhere about. She looked around, taking in again the natural beauty of the location that he had found for them. It really was amazing but it would be better with the man she had come to love spending as much time with as she could. She looked around once again and this time found the note that had been left on the table for her. It read quite simply:
“I want you to stand right where you are and slowly strip off all of your clothes for me. Fold them neatly and place them back in the tent. Then, return here and lay down on top of the table. I’ll be with you soon.”
She blushed, just like he knew she would. She loved the games that he played with her, but she’d never been able to stop blushing when he took her by surprise with something new. He knew that she would do as he asked and he had intentionally said slowly because he knew that she’d be hesitant to be naked outside of the confines of the bedroom. He watched her through the viewfinder on his camera. He knew she’d have a small fit if she knew what he was doing, but what she didn’t know…well, he would tell her later and these were for his private collection, anyway. She really was beautiful to him. Too soon, she was sliding up onto the table and laying back. He knew she burned easily and so he had placed it in a small patch of shade and the artistic part of his mind appreciated the way the shadows danced across her naked body. The rest of his mind was already on the next part of what he wanted to do to her. 
He had told her to lie still so he knew she didn’t notice when he carefully laid the camera down as he approached her. Coming close, he leaned over to kiss her. As he broke the kiss, he whispered in her ear, loving the way that those three simple words made her shiver every time. She nodded in response to his question and he carefully slipped the blindfold over her eyes. This was new for them and he gave her a moment to adjust before trailing his fingers over her body as he reached for the first section of rope that he would use to bind her to the table. 
He worked quietly, carefully placing each section of rope until he had the pattern and design that he had been dreaming about for months. When he was done, he ran his fingers over the ties and over her body, chuckling as he watched her body respond to his touch. There was no denying that she had long ago given herself to him and her body recognized this fact. Teasingly, he brushed his lips across hers and then stepping back, trailed his fingers down the length of her body. She had known he would be taking bondage shots on this trip so it didn’t surprise her when she heard the quiet click of the shutter. If anything, it aroused her even more. She wasn’t yet comfortable with her own body enough to look at the images, but she knew how much he enjoyed them. Knowing how much got her more and more turned on until it became an effort to lay still for him. She wanted his touch. 
He watched her as he took shot after shot of her, stretched out across the table for him. He watched as her body continued to react to not only his ties but the knowledge that he was taking photos. His own arousal grew with hers. This was a woman that he may never be able to take detached shots of. He knew the delights that her body held and would always react to seeing her. Again, he sat down the camera and approached her. She heard his approach and whimpered with the need to touch him and to be touched. Normally, he might have chuckled but watching her squirm against her bonds had him wanting her as badly as she wanted him. His control was razor thin as he released the bonds that held just her legs. He would have her, but he would have her his way. 
She whimpered as she realized he wasn’t going to release the upper portion of her body. She wanted so badly to be able to touch him. Her whimpers turned to a gasp though as she felt him climb onto the table with her and lifting her legs, thrust himself deep inside of her. His groan melded in the air with hers as he took her, hard and fast on the table. Leaning over, he ripped off the blindfold, locking his gaze onto hers as he pounded deep inside of her, filling her. His fingers dug into her thighs, leaving tiny bruises that they would discover later. He didn’t care. He had to have her. Her body trembled against the remaining bonds, moving with him as much as it was allowed. 
Their bodies moved at a frantic pace. Suddenly, it stopped. The whole world stopped, paused on the edge as he buried himself one last time deep inside of her. Her legs wrapped tight around him, pulling him as close as they could as they both clung to each other. Their orgasms, timed in perfect unison, held them there, held them together before slowly releasing them. Slowly, the world started turning again and he leaned over to kiss her softly before taking a moment to bury his face in her throat. Sliding off the table, he chuckled at the groan that always came when he slipped from her. Releasing her from the remains of their bonds, he pulled her close, again whispering in her ear…
“I think my pet liked that..just wait until what I have planned for later…”

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