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Story Time: Rain Part 3

He let her drift, knowing that soon her body would have to adjust back to being in its own time zone. He hated to see her leave. In the short time that she had been there, he had gotten used to having her nearby. He sighed softly and pulled...


Story Time: Rain Part 2

He had released her from the bonds that held her to the table and then pulled her close to him.  She smelled like sex and sunshine all rolled into one and he knew that it would always be a scent that reminded him of her. He had planned this...


Story Time: Rain Part 1

Honestly, she thought she must be out of her mind. Work was piling up at home and yet somehow she’d allowed herself to be convinced to come brave ridiculous temperatures in Arizona. In August. Oh who was she kidding? She wanted this trip as much as he did. She...